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A Different Kind of Perfect will inspire a wide audience to look past the differences in others and see perfection through the eyes of love.

In most everyone’s life the word perfect shows up at one time or another…it’s a word that has an elusive definition and when you find yourself living someone else’s definition, you can never reach a satisfying place.  You stay stuck making the decisions you make, based on someone else’s idea of how the world should be. 

A Different Kind of Perfect is about the realization that perfect comes in all shapes and sizes; and for George and his wife, it came with their daughter…and it is about not terminating a pregnancy and choosing a daughter with a developmental disability in a world that craves and idealizes a certain definition of perfect!  The greatest message that came out of their experience is to see that life is not about perfection but love; and if you love, your choice is PERFECT because it’s our capacity to love and not other’s standards that determine what’s perfect. 

Writing about choosing and raising a child with a disability, George shares experiences of faith and life that he wants to resonate with parents of children with or without disabilities, offering encouragement as well as being inspirational and educational.

If you would like to contact George, he can be reached at yumaschin@aol.com.