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Catholic Witness Book Review

National Catholic Community Foundation

“A Different Kind of Perfect presents the compelling memoir of a family’s journey through suffering and sacrifice as they seek to remain faithful to the Church’s teaching on the inviolable dignity of all human life. The resolution of the journey presents a resilient defense of the gift of the child. This work demonstrates in a personal and touching manner that the path to the Civilization of Love will emerge only through the Culture of Life.”

Cardinal Justin F. Rigali
Archbishop of Philadelphia

“A Different Kind of Perfect is a book that will inspire a wide audience to look past the differences in others and find the gift that is within each one of us. As a nation, we ended the discriminatory practice of separate schools based on race. It is now time to end the discriminatory practice of separate schools and classrooms based on disability. It is a time to meet the needs of all children in their neighborhood schools, regular class-rooms, with supports and services.”

Joseph Gaskin
Parent of lead plaintiff, Lydia Gaskin,
in the Pennsylvania federal class action
inclusive education settlement agreement,
Gaskin v. Commonwealth

“George Lane has written a book that will speak to parents—especially fathers. It’s a story of his faith, and his love for his church, his daughter with Down syndrome…and his Boston Red Sox. In A Different Kind of Perfect, Mr. Lane writes, ‘What a special gift Amy has. What a wonderful contribution she makes, and I couldn’t imagine life without her.’ We couldn’t agree more!”

David Tolleson, Executive Director
National Down Syndrome Congress